Case Study


Kyto needed a design and brand system that would unify their brand identity and create a consistent user experience across all touchpoints for new product launches.


Conducted extensive research to inform a comprehensive design and brand system that emphasized the company's values of innovation, simplicity, and accessibility. The system included visual guidelines for typography, color, and imagery.


The new design and brand system resulted in increased brand recognition and trust, website traffic, and sales for the company. User feedback indicated higher engagement and customer satisfaction due to the design and brand system's user-friendly and accessible approach.


This project taught me the importance of collaboration and communication to ensure that the design and brand system effectively reflected the company's values and goals. It also highlighted the impact of thorough research on design decisions and the importance of a well-designed system on brand recognition and customer engagement. Developing skills in executing a brand system consistently across multiple touchpoints was another key takeaway from this project.


Product Logos

Design System

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Letterhead and business card


Desktop Wallpaper

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