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The goal was to create a new brand identity and better app usability that could resonate in today's busy market. When designing the logo I wanted to achieve speed and implementation and to do that I believe it’s best to set some boundaries to allow the mind to wander in a creative direction. The limitations set for this logo was that it had to be associated with food and tech due to Smunch mainly being a software\delivery food based company.


Before implementing design I did some research on Smunch's competitors and found purple to be the ideal color for the brand. The previous logo looked a bit outdated and the icon didn’t really connect with the company’s philosophy. The philosophy that ordering Smunch should be as simple as clicking a button. What inspired the logos direction was a reference to the videogame pacman. This reference came to mind because of the simplistic nature of the game and the playfulness attitude of the team at Smunch. The pacman game plays mainly on winning/eating by pushing a button therefore I felt there was a creative connection there. Though the logo appears to be abstract I believe the redesign reveals more of a purpose behind the design decision that I made.

Before designing the app I did some user testing and user research to get a better understanding of how people used the older version of the app. After feedback was given I worked on creating working prototypes through invision.


Design System

Website - Desktop


Order Process

Website - Mobile

Mobile view - homepage

Mobile view - order process

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